Alex Chialastri

Dey Lab

Hometown: Flourtown, Pennsylvania

As president, I hope to increase the participation of all students in the GSA by expanding the diversity of the events we hold.  In addition, I hope to continue setting up the framework that will allow the ChE GSA to be a self-sustaining endeavor for years to come. 


Julia Fisher

Squires Lab

Hometown: Miamisburg, Ohio

As president, I look forward to expanding our social and professional events that engage the chemical engineering graduate community. I hope to continue the work of our previous GSA leadership by maintaining a ChE GSA that serves the interests of my peers.



Nolan Anderson

Mukherjee Lab

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

As Secretary, my main goals are to facilitate clear communication between GSA members and leadership and to maintain the structure and records of the organization.



Mike Burroughs

Helgeson Lab, Leal Lab

Hometown: Cary, North Carolina

I look forward to maintaining the financial infrastructure of the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association and maximizing the potential of our budget to fund various social and professional development events throughout this upcoming school year.


Ryan Ley

Gordon Lab, DenBaars Lab (Materials)

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

I hope to create an organized financial structure for the Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association as well as assist in the overall structure and management of the organization.


Social Chairs

Shona Becwar

Chmelka Lab, Han Lab

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

As social committee co-chair, I hope to promote socialization and interaction of the chemical engineering graduate student community.


Lesley Chan

Gordon Lab

Hometown: Hacienda Heights, California

As social committee co-chair, I hope to organize social events to promote a more fun and engaging graduate experience.


Professional Development Chairs

Tsatsral Battensengel

Chmelka Lab

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I am looking forward to contributing to the professional development of the department by co-organizing events such as seminar talks, outreach, networking, and mentorship programs. 


Chad Wansanuwat

Chad Wangsanuwat

Dey Lab

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

As your professional development (PD) chair, I plan to continue existing PD events that we have had in previous years and create an informal graduate seminar series where graduate students in our department can share their expertise and find potential collaborations. Please let me know if you have any ideas for PD events!


Campus GSA Representatives

Tanvi Sheth

Helgeson Lab



Jiamin Zhang

Helgeson Lab

Hometown: Jinan, China

I look forward to connecting our ChE GSA with the campus-wide GSA. So, I can relay information to and from campus GSA meetings and voice our concerns and interests to the campus GSA.

1st Year Representative

Varun Hegde

Varun Hegde

Doherty Lab, Squires Lab

Hometown: Mumbai, India

As the first year rep, my main goals are integrating the incoming class into the department as well as contributing to the continual development of the GSA.