There are many living options near UCSB. Below is a map and the benefits and cons of where most students live while attending UCSB.


Older housing surveys can be found here http://chegsa.engineering.ucsb.edu/previous-housing-surveys

Most first year students live in the San Clemente Villages because they are fully furnished and on campus. 

San Clemente

Most first year graduate students spend their first year in San Clemente.  There are two options, a 4 bedroom option and a 2 bedroom option.  Information about these options is provided below, but visit the San Clemente website for the most up to date information.


4 Bedroom Option

  • 4 person apartments 
  • $764 per person per month
  • *Includes Utilities, Fully Furnished, Wireless Internet, and Parking


2 Bedroom Option

  • 2 person apartments
  •  $874 per person per month
  • *Includes Utilities, Fully Furnished, Wireless Internet, and Parking